It’s just so hard

to talk to someone

that you really


want to talk to.

Even if that someone is


is that why God exists?


at night,

when no one was looking,

i decided to run across campus.

i ran across the forests

over the flower beds

the forbidden grass

the picket fences.

and for those nine seconds

i finally truly understood

how the terminator felt

when he was ripping shit apart

my problem

I write letters to girls
that I think could
have been perfect with me.
But they turn out to be
bimbos or taken.

I’m done being lonely.
I need to be touched,
and I don’t want to be alone.

desperation, idiocy

I check my email everyday

you know,

the account that was created especially for you.

after you sent your first (and last) mail

i stayed awake till four

writing something beautiful

which i would have hoped you like.

i knew i shouldnt have

because i still wait

and wait

and wait

for your reply.

growing up

My roommate and i

occasionally at 4am

blast the pokemon theme song

and sing and sing and sing

till we get sick of the song.

we lie to ourselves that growing up

is good indeed

and not sad at all.

but then, we sing somemore.


It struck him how beautiful it was as he walked out the door.

It was night, but the streetlight illuminated the autumn leaves of the tree. He stopped and gaped. The tree was bleeding the color of fall. And for a second, he thought that the tree would erupt into a glorious plume of crimson flame. And after which, God would speak to him. Tell him that it was wrong. To leave it alone. A divine edict.

But none of that happened.

And he walked after her.


I closed my last blog because it got out of hand.

I didn’t want anybody to read it anymore.

So I stopped writing.

But when I stopped, I almost lost my sanity.

I was trapped alone with my thoughts.

I didn’t want to be trapped anymore.

So that is why I decided to make a new blog.

Because I need catharsis,

I miss writing,

and i don’t want to be alone.